You’re Invited!

Date: April 29, 2017

Time: 7pm – 11pm

Place: Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs

Cost: $55.00/person

Ladies Only (21 Years & Up)




We are excited to announce that we have chosen two charities this coming year as the beneficiaries of our fifth annual Saratoga Mom Prom :  Gateway House of Peace

Gateway House of Peace





Empty Stocking Project









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Gateway House of Peace is a charitable organization dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable and caring home free of charge for terminally ill patients. The home is staffed primarily with volunteers and relies on community support.

It is run independently, but is not a medical facility. Gateway House collaborates with Community Hospice of Saratoga to provides medical management for patients as Community Hospice does for everyone receiving hospice care in their own home environment.Gateway House of Peace can accommodate two terminally ill people and their families at a time in a peaceful, healing place during the last three months of life. They are committed to providing compassionate, dignified, quality care that will support the natural processes that occur in the final days of life.

The Empty Stocking Project, the signature endeavor of the Saratoga County Children’s Committee, will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2017.

Each December, ESP provides nearly 1,000 needy children with gifts and desperately needed clothing items for Christmas. ESP coordinates with agencies and schools to identify children in need and anonymously matches both individuals and corporate “friends” with the children. ESP gathers the gifts from the “friends”, shops for supplemental items (including bedding items, snowsuits, boots and shoes) and delivers the gifts to the agencies and schools for final delivery to the needy families in time for Christmas.Without the generous support of people who sponsor a child and/or donate money, the Empty Stocking Project would not be possible. Individuals, families, civic groups, and businesses assist us each year. These friends are the heart of the Empty Stocking Project and the reason it is successful every year.

suzi mom prom 2

Mom Prom 2016 is dedicated to Suzi Ingmire, in loving memory of the inspiration and leadership she provided to The Saratoga Seven.





Check out what everybody is saying about the Saratoga Mom Prom!

– “It was very nice and well organized.   The music was great also.  The hotel rooms were very nice and clean.”

– “What did you like best about the event?  Being with all of my family, there were 8 of us including my Mom and my daughters, so we had 3 generations having a fantastic time together!”

– “That a huge group of women can get together from all ages and all walks of life to put their lives on hold for a few hours and just have some great fun together.”

– “I love to see that the charity we are contributing to is all about children and helping them to have better quality of life.  It makes sense because it is a “Mom Prom”.  I love helping children’s charities.”

– “I will always support the Mom Prom because I know that the funds go to good use.”

– “We decided before we left that we were going to go next year!”

– “I am impressed with the concept and work of a few as well as the support of charities.”

– “Yes, we will be back!  It will be our third year!”

–  “A big thank you to all who planned this event.  I know it takes a lot of your time and is a lot of hard work!  My family and I have gone to the Prom twice now, it has become a tradition we look forward to.  Thank you for helping to build wonderful moments for our family.”

– “Love that this event happens!”

– “How can I not attend next year.  So much freaking fun!”




CAS Mom PromClick here to see photos from Saratoga Mom Prom 2016, courtesy of Bridget McDonald Photography