Please view the wonderful and fun photos that Susan Blackburn captured of
Saratoga Mom Prom 2017. No password is required. Just sign in with your email.
The price to purchase the photos covers the cost of printing, and Susan
Blackburn of Blackburn Portrait Design is generously donating the proceeds back
to Mom Prom.  Enjoy!

Thank You

Special thanks to Just Say Yes to the Dress Event Committee, Mary Shimp, Sherry Knotek and Delia Ogden for our slide show. Debbie Rach and Ellen Grandy for their delicious homemade cream puffs and Jessica Flemming and Rebecca Mahoney for our decorations. Gateway House of Peace, Saratoga County Children’s Committee Members and Founding Saratoga Mom Prom Committee Members for their generous support. Julie Tierney and Hope Laudicina and their staff at the Saratoga Holiday Inn who were outstanding and fun to work with. As always, the food and service was first rate.  

Most importantly, thank you to all the businesses for your sponsorship and those that donated to our raffles and silent auctions including Kim and Mark Sutton at Advantage Press, Cool Cat and Susan at Blackburn Portrait Design. Your generosity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

To the fabulous ladies who attended this year, thank you for supporting our charities and for making Saratoga Mom Prom 2017 a huge success.

With heartfelt gratitude.

Saratoga Mom Prom Committee  

P.S.   Save the date: Saratoga Mom Prom 2018 –  April 21st at Saratoga Holiday Inn

Check out this national news article on Mom Prom and a quote from our own Gail Veitch! Women doing good all across the country!

We are excited to announce that we have chosen two charities this coming year as the beneficiaries of our fifth annual Saratoga Mom Prom:

empty-stocking-logoGateway House of Peace



Check out what everybody is saying about the Saratoga Mom Prom!

– “It was very nice and well organized.   The music was great also.  The hotel rooms were very nice and clean.”

– “What did you like best about the event?  Being with all of my family, there were 8 of us including my Mom and my daughters, so we had 3 generations having a fantastic time together!”

– “That a huge group of women can get together from all ages and all walks of life to put their lives on hold for a few hours and just have some great fun together.”

– “I love to see that the charity we are contributing to is all about children and helping them to have better quality of life.  It makes sense because it is a “Mom Prom”.  I love helping children’s charities.”

– “I will always support the Mom Prom because I know that the funds go to good use.”

– “We decided before we left that we were going to go next year!”

– “I am impressed with the concept and work of a few as well as the support of charities.”

– “Yes, we will be back!  It will be our third year!”

–  “A big thank you to all who planned this event.  I know it takes a lot of your time and is a lot of hard work!  My family and I have gone to the Prom twice now, it has become a tradition we look forward to.  Thank you for helping to build wonderful moments for our family.”

– “Love that this event happens!”

– “How can I not attend next year.  So much freaking fun!”